Our Services

We have developed award winning technology solutions to incentivise recycling. We provide the platform, recycle points, technology development, customer services, logistics, and reward fulfilment.

Incentivised Recycling Schemes

With our innovative technical solution, we can take back your customers' hard to recycle packaging and reward them instantly with our Scan2Recycle technology. We have created a platform that can be standalone or integrated with your existing rewards schemes, epos and apps.

Digital Deposit Return

Leveraging our knowledge, experience, and Scan2Recycle technology. We have the capacity to process millions of rewards for recycling on a national scale, we can develop and deliver DDRS solutions, the future of large-scale recycling returns.

Hard To Recycle Recycling

Sometimes you just want to give the opportunity to for people to dispose of their hard-to-recycle items like used PPE, everyday food packaging, and beauty packaging. We can organise recycle points, the design and development of schemes, and return logistics to our recycling partner MY Group.

Incentivised Refill Schemes

Do you have a refill solution planned or in place? We want to help you reward your customers for refilling their old containers with your product. We can develop refill schemes to encourage your existing customers and entice new customers to switch to refills, saving the planet one refill at a time.

Incentivised Re-Use Schemes

As the market changes, more companies want reuse containers for their products. Here at Scan2Recycle we can implement our Scan2Reuse program, incentivising the purchase of a reuse container and rewards for refilling, including take back, cleaning, and repurposing damaged reuse items.