Our Technology

Here at Scan2Recycle we are leading the way in technology platforms which recognise hard-to-recycle products and keep our waste streams free from hazardous substances and items that can be recycled in traditional ways through local council schemes. We provide the services, skills, logistics and network to help repurpose hard-to-recycle packaging, reward recycling and reduce waste by incentivising refills and reuse.

How our Tech-Enabled schemes work

Participants sign up to one of our schemes

Upload images of their eligible products

The images are verified and approved for deposit

Once verified the items are deposited in one of our dedicated recycling points

Product Recognition

Our image recognition software integrated in to our Prodatabase™ and Eyeproval™ technology gives us the ability to process and identify millions of products to check if they are eligible for one of our Scan2Recycle Schemes. Our Fraud Block™ Technology identifies duplicate images, suspicious activity, and the information to identify genuine deposits.

What makes us stand out?

Packaging Recognition
Packaging is indexed and added to our image library so specific product packaging can be identified and verified instantly by Prodatabase™ solution. This creates a smooth customer experience and ensures that no contaminants entre the waste stream
Data Gathering
We gather information about products collected, and the material composition, allowing us to provide detailed reports and the complete lifecycle of items recycled with us
Full Traceability
Using our technology solutions, we are able to fully trace items from deposit to collection to re-manufacture
Fraud Block™
We have developed a robust multifactor approach to identify fraudulent behaviour on our schemes leveraging our Fraud Block™ technology
Packaging is identified and validated instantly via our Prodatabase™ solution. Duplicates and stock images are automatically rejected
Image Recognition
Images are uploaded into a user's Scan2Recycle account, these are identified, verified, and approved for deposit
The final stage of image recognition is to pass through our Eyeproval™ process

Indepth Reporting and Analysis

Every deposit is fully traceable, meaning users can see how much they have deposited, what the environmental savings are, and how many rewards they have received or loyalty points collected in real-time.

The performance of recycling schemes are measured and give valuable information on the lifecycle of the materials received including:

Recycling rates

Quantity and types of Materials recycled

Materials recycled and repurposed form factors

Full end to end traceability