Case Studies

Case Studies

Ecover Refill Rewards

“By the end of 2022, Ecover aims to help people refill their Ecover bottles over 3 million times in the UK*. Which would be the equivalent of one refill every 10 seconds.”

They want to make reusing containers as habitual as recycling them. We worked with Ecover to build a rewards scheme for refilling empty Ecover bottles with Ecover refills. The refills could be bulk packs to use for refilling at home, or refills made at refill stations located in 700 stores across the UK.

Participants can now earn money every single time they refill their Ecover bottle with our Ecover Refill Rewards scheme.

How it works

  • Refillers sign up for a reward account

  • Upload receipts of their bulk items or an image of their instore refill

  • Save up cash rewards in their account

  • Cash out their rewards when they choose

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